Never grow up…. ever

By Alan Chochinov for Core 77.

You may recall Marijn’s delightful Chairman and Modular Car from this past year. Now he’s following up with some faster wheels, and a nice mission statement in the glove compartment:

The realization of a boyhood dream that brings back the car to it’s true essence. The romance of the technique and the accessibility of a four wheeled box you made with your father in the garage. A soap box car is a dream, a dream of owning a car when you grow up. Few of us envision the family stationwagon many of us settle for. Away with cupholders and dvd players.Take to the road with an open one seater. With the asphalt rushing by underneath and the wind in your hair. The car is much like my earlier concept vehicle, the modular car; it has the same view on automobiles as beautiful symbols of technology and freedom. An explosion inside a block of steel sets an automobile in motion. The journey becomes the destination and thousands of other romantic cliches…

A short low res movie here