Bicycles, a niche within a niche

In 2005 I created a series of Dutch Lowrider bicycles as a take on the California lowriders that were coming on the market. We got some attention from publications and took it to a mainstream Dutch bicycle manufacturer only to leave empty handed. What did we miss? We had created a niche within a niche […]


Since my first exhibition at Gallery Yksi in 1998 I have worked with wood as a material for chairs and tables. It started with  chair for Frank Lloyd Wright called the Prayer Chair- as his father was a minister. Chairs that followed include the ominous ‘çeci n’est pas use chaise’ as well as chaise for […]


  The Autonomous Floating Objects were derived from jellyfish as a utopian vision on the future of ocean going vessels. Sponsor of the project was Damen Shipyards. The A.F.O’s are part of the art project Symposion that was first held in 1973, the exhibit was opened by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 2005. Material […]

Private meeting chair

The nostalgic wicker beach chair, is inspired by the coastline of the Netherlands.  Returning to an unexpected place: the office environment. The Ahrend Kaigan (Kaigan literally means seashore or beach) encloses the user who is looking for temporary privacy. This can be for an informal meeting, but also an important call requiring the highest level […]

Ultimate office desk….

Larger than life, it is a returning element in my work and in hindsight probably at the root of this napkin sketch turned to a design reality. The Jetstream is a classic, aviation inspired desk spaning 2.5 metres. The design was developed with Ahrend who funded the development and the desk was launched at their exhibition during […]

Have your own car designed

Cars used to be built as rolling chassis by renowned companies like Rolls Royce and finished by coach builders. I adopted this approach in creating the modular car. I used a vw chassis with engine and electrical systems and fit a cubist polyurethane body to be shaped and glassed by the owner. The concept was […]

A chair with super powers

Some of the world’s CEO’s also happen to be some of the biggest philanthropists. In 2005 I decided to give them super powers with this floating monolithic office chair I called Chairman! It is built by hand out of welded polished stainless steel and uses an aircsuhion system to keep in suspended just above the […]

Never grow up…. ever

By Alan Chochinov for Core 77. You may recall Marijn’s delightful Chairman and Modular Car from this past year. Now he’s following up with some faster wheels, and a nice mission statement in the glove compartment: The realization of a boyhood dream that brings back the car to it’s true essence. The romance of the technique and the accessibility […]

One off 70’s racer

From Core 77: What comes after Modular Car and Soap Box Racer? Guess they never asked you this back in school but Marijn van der Poll has got the answer: the ‘CM426 merlin‘ (click DRIVE) The car is inspired by the Canadian American Challenge Cup racers of the early seventies. Half car, half sculpture, the […]

The Lebowski

  We are on a mission. To introduce the iconic camping flooding chair into the office of the 21st century. People move around and what better way to have that hort meeting with a colleague than in a steel tubular chair with that typical fabric seat that is held in place by words and springs. […]

Marijn van der Poll founded his multidisciplinary design studio in 2000. His designs have been published in leading magazines such as Wallpaper and Domus. His work has been shown in museums around the world including the Victoria&Albert Museum in London and the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and is part of the collections of amongst others the San Francisco MOMA. TIME magazine voted his design Do hit as a collectable design must have.
In 2010 he was co curator of the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week. He is a permanent faculty member at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Design Academy and a MSc from the University of Nebraska.
He now trains companies in how to harnessing the power of hunches all the way up to transformative concepts, through an individual thinking skill he developed through years of design practice, teaching and research called Conceptual Thinking.


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