"This book will reacquaint you with your right brain. It will show you how to harness the power of ideas. In short, it will ensure your career survival. Think about it, your left brain has received a solid 20 plus years of training, your right brain, 0. Your left brain has clever tools such as math, language, and science, you right has small pieces of sticky yellow paper. For all of the business processes that deal with complex problems, we have overlooked the foundational element of it all, ‘the idea’."


In this episode of the High Tech Podcast, Marijn van der Poll talks about his new book with interviewer Ingelou Stol. Together they take the listener on the journey of ‘idea-ing’.


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Basic Training in the language of ideas 9 weeks hybrid, 2-3 hrs per week (on site and online combined) Apply now for Spring 23 edition apply now Testimonials: “Refreshing perspective on ideas and an effective tool to methodize the process of generation of ideas”. R&D engineer at IMEC Course Content: In the course your instructor/ idea expert takes […]

Design work: One hit wonder

Do hit chair bound for the Friedman Benda gallery in New York. The Do hit chair was created in 1999 and premiered at the Salon del Mobile in 2000. It toured the world and is part of the collection of amongst others the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It is still the my most well […]

About: Marijn van der Poll founded his design studio in 2000 which he runs to this day with his wife Anouk. His design work is part of the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He is a strategic advisor to governmental organizations such as the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Marijn is a former ambassador of the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week and a permanent faculty member at the Design Academy Eindhoven (the Netherlands). He also trains the individual professional in harnessing the power of their ideas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and a Master of Science from the University of Nebraska.

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