Basic Training in the language of ideas

9 weeks hybrid, 2-3 hrs per week (on site and online combined)

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Testimonials: “Refreshing perspective on ideas and an effective tool to methodize the process of generation of ideas”. R&D engineer at IMEC, High Tech Campus 

Course Content: In the course your instructor/ idea expert takes you (regular office pro) on a crash course in on-the-job idea-ing.

Consider the following as you read on.
  • Your left brain has received a solid 20 plus years of training, your right brain, 0.
  • Your left brain has clever tools such as math, language, and science. Faced with everyday, open-ended, slightly more complex questions, and we wind up staring at a canvas or clutching small pieces of sticky yellow paper.
  • For all of the business processes that deal with complex issues, we have overlooked the foundational element of it all, ‘the idea’.
  • Generating and developing ideas is not a mystical talent but a common skill, with a finely tuned instrument, you.

Whom: Each person thinks differently and can therefor develop unique ideas. All you need is some instruction to re-activate this part of your right brain. This is a course for all professionals; it is not specifically targeted at creatives.

What you will learn:

  1. Generating and developing ideas is not a mystical talent but a common skill, you can put your right brain to use and, helped along by the left, get results from your original thinking. 
  2. In collective brainstorming thoughts are shared as hunches as soon as they emerge. We are constantly infringing on each others intellectual property. We need to set aside time to do our own thinking before sharing them as mature, developed ideas.
  3. Structure is not the enemy of ideas, your abstract, creative thinking abilities benefit from semantics and technique without compromising on originality. Instead it will allow you focus and improve your creative, critical thinking.  

The goal of the course is to enable you to apply your personal idea-ing skills fast- to complex issues as well as daily operations. From meetings to new projects as well as strategic and creative processes. To become independent in your original thinking. Finally it will teach you to speak the language of ideas.

How: The online course has a practical set up with minimal preparation. All content is configured in weekly class modules where you immerse yourself in the content immediately applying the knowledge you’ve learned. Time investment 2-3hrs per week with optional supplemental material such as video lectures and keynotes. 

Format: we teach in small groups with lots of interaction between participants as well as personal feedback.

  • weekly group, alternate on site meetings and online classes with the instructor containing both theory and exercises
  • weekly online, Q&A sessions 
  • a shared learning experience with other professionals
  • online course platform to share learnings, connect with others- filled with supplementary material 
  • a copy of RIGHTBRAINER, the survival handbook of original thoughts written by yours truly in English or Dutch. 
  • a certificate of completion